What does the LPA seal mean for you?

The LPA – Leading Property Agents of Spain – is an organisation that promotes the highest standards in real estate. This means the highest standards of service, market knowledge, technical expertise, discretion and ethics. Here’s how we achieve it.

Setting the highest standards

While there are many property agents operating in our region, not all have the same level of experience, the same track record of results, or indeed the kind of reputation that can only be earned after many years of unfaltering, dedicated service.

The latter are companies that have stood the test of time, here through the boom years but also during the tougher ones, and they have shown the ability to survive and prosper where others are short-lived.

The reason they are still here is because their method of working has won them respect and the loyalty of clients and colleagues alike, while these are also people who live and work on the Costa del Sol, raising families here and committed to a life in this beautiful part of Europe.

We are selective

This means that our members are ethical businesspeople, have through many years of working in Costa del Sol property built up a vast knowledge of the region’s real estate market, know all the areas and urbanisations inside out, and can advise you properly on everything from buying, to renting as well as any legal, tax and lifestyle related questions you may have.

These are exactly the kind of Costa del Sol property agents we look for in our organisation, which was in fact born out of the desire of the leading professionals in the sector to work together more closely and create a clearly recognisable Quality Brand.

By doing so, the LPA brings together the most experienced, most highly respected and most effective real estate expertise on the Costa del Sol. Other companies are welcome to join our growing organisation, but they have to satisfy rather strict criteria before being admitted, as we are selective and do not want to dilute the standards we have set.

Promoting development and improvement

What does this mean for vendors and property buyers on the Costa del Sol? Well, quite simply the fact that there is now a quality benchmark, a reference point to choose from out of a sea of agents. In other words, a visible organisation that sets standards of procedures, ethics, service and know-how, and ensures they are adhered to.

We do this not only by selecting the property agents that are already the best in the way they work, but also through joint development initiatives that are squarely aimed at ensuring LPA members are always at the top of their game in terms of modern procedures, legal regulations, quality control and service standards.

For this reason we work to train staff, develop technical and language skills, collaborate with prestigious organisations locally and abroad, and also establish codes of conduct, financial practice, as well as developing the most innovative and up-to-date platforms and tools for our members to use in their work for you, the client – be it as a homeowner/vendor or potential buyer.

We invest in technical infrastructure, the latest marketing tools, training and also organise regular forums and events where top professionals from different fields come together to exchange ideas and inform our agents.

It is for this reason that you will notice the difference when working with LPA agents on the Costa del Sol in everything from qualified property valuations and the professional presentation of your home to its promotion and sales process.

Get in touch, find out more and put us to the test!