Ensuring Marbella’s Real Estate Future: Training Day Organized by Local Police and LPA


In response to growing concerns about security in Marbella’s real estate sector, the Local Police has partnered with The Leading Property Agents of Spain (LPA) to hold a training day. This event aims to address current challenges and ensure the protection of citizens and properties in the region.

Municipal Commitment to Security

City Councilor for Citizen Security, José Eduardo Díaz, highlights the commitment of the Marbella City Council to the safety of residents and visitors. Significant investment in security is emphasized, making Marbella a national leader in this regard.

Message of Reassurance

Díaz assures that Marbella is a safe city and that the general perception of security is high, thanks to the joint work of the Local Police, the National Police, and the Civil Guard.

Importance of a Secure Image

José Carlos León, president of LPA, emphasizes the importance of maintaining an impeccable security image in Marbella to attract investors and residents. Additional security measures proposed to strengthen this perception are highlighted.

Innovation in Security

The event highlights the innovative initiatives of the Local Police, including a comprehensive video surveillance system and the use of security drones with advanced technology.

Community Policing Model

Javier Martín, Chief of the Local Police, explains the adopted community policing model and emphasizes the importance of a well-trained staff to ensure constant coverage and an efficient response to the changing needs of the population.


The training day reflects the joint commitment of the Local Police and LPA to ensure the security and well-being of Marbella. It underscores the importance of public-private cooperation in protecting and promoting the region’s real estate community.

This collaborative effort demonstrates that Marbella continues to be a premier real estate destination, thanks to the dedication and innovation of its authorities and real estate agents.