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What Membership Offers

The LPA is a quality seal that represents the highest service levels, code of conduct and market expertise available within the Costa del Sol’s property sector. The association can guarantee this because it concentrates the know-how of the region’s leading agencies and professionals.

In return, those companies and individuals associated with the LPA fall under its umbrella of excellence, and a quality brand that offers their clients confidence and peace of mind. In addition to being part of such a prestigious organisation, membership also includes the following benefits:

  • Collective marketing impact and reach, as well as economies of scale through combined buying power
  • A JOINT PROPERTY PORTFOLIO that combines the home listings of all members in a central and powerful location
  • In addition, the LPA website also serves to promote all its members and highlight their areas, niches and specific service offering
  • Re-investment of members’ fees into promotion of the association and its principles and activities
  • Regular workshops and courses for staff training
  • On-going focus on developing the latest techniques and adopting the most advanced technologies relevant to our industry
  • An annual schedule of lectures and events featuring expert guest speakers from a variety of related fields
  • Promotional events that also encourage public awareness and interaction with related industries, public authorities and new potential markets
  • Up to date market information regarding industry/consumer trends, new technologies, planning directives, legal and fiscal legislation, professional regulations and market reports

Become a member

If you share our code of ethics and drive to uphold the highest standards of professional service, and if you believe your company can contribute to this shared goal, join the LPA. Together we are stronger and able to promote our industry and beautiful region.