Regulation and optimisation of the real estate sector on the Costa del Sol

The growth of residential tourism has led to an increase in real estate agencies and professionals operating in a loosely regulated field. 

The uncontrolled intrusion has affected the perception of the industry, generating valid criticism from customers, both local and foreign. The need for regulation and training in the sector is evident to improve transparency and ethics in all transactions.

 In Search of Answers: Decree 1/2018 and LPA’s Mission

The unknown surrounding the famous Decree Law 1/2018, aimed at regulating real estate agents in Andalusia, raises questions about its implementation and effectiveness. 

The LPA Association takes on the responsibility of leading the representation of real estate agents on the Costa del Sol, proposing a code of ethics and statutes to establish clear rules governing the sector and protecting the interests of consumers.

Current and Future Real Estate Market Challenges: Expert Reflections

Contrary to the predictions of some analysts, the real estate market in 2023 has turned out to be more resilient than expected, especially in the new-build segment. Von Poll and DM share their experiences and projections for 2024, highlighting the importance of maintaining ethical and legal practices, even in a market with high demand.

Buyer Profiles and Tourist Home Reform: Unraveling Change

Buyer profiles, their nationalities and ages are key to understanding market dynamics. In addition, the reform of tourist housing seeks to professionalize the sector, granting licenses to managers and making them responsible for compliance with legal, health and tax regulations. 

The cancellation of the current limit of tourist homes per owner and the need to adapt to the new regulations are discussed.

Conclusion: Towards a Stronger and More Ethical Real Estate Industry

The regulation of the real estate sector on the Costa del Sol emerges as an essential step to guarantee integrity and trust in transactions. The professionals, represented by associations such as LPA, seek to lead this transformation to build a positive image of the region and offer security to consumers. 

Overcoming market challenges and efficiently adapting to new regulations will be crucial aspects in the coming years.